Ski Jumping Program


  • Children and adults of any age are welcome to participate in the IWSC Ski Jumping Program. "Try it out" sessions are available to those interested in learning more before making a program commitment.

Our Focus

  • The IWSC Ski Jumping Program provides athletes an enjoyable, yet challenging avenue into the outdoors. Setting goals are a key element to ski jumping, as is creating milestones to motivate one's self to achieve those goals. Athletes graduate in hill size at their own pace while ensuring fundamentally sound technique is learned throughout.

What's Included

  • Athletes receive one on one coaching assuring they progress at a comfortable rate. A variety of equipment options are available to rent. An introduction to nutrition and physical conditioning is available to interested athletes.

The IWSC Ski Jumping program is a member of a the Central Division Ski Jumping governing body. The division is made of of groups from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan. Athletes of all ages are welcome, and encouraged to attend and compete at the events throughout the region. The events offer opportunities for athletes young and old, from different geographical locations, and a variety of backgrounds. Please, join in the fun.

Winter 2023-24 Training Schedule

Training sessions are held on Saturdays from 11:00am - 1:00pm, and 5:30 - 7:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the season.

Winter 2024 Competition Schedule

Jan 6 - Minneapolis

Jan 7 - St. Paul

Jan 13/14 - Eau Claire

Jan 21 - Ishpeming

Jan 27/28 - Norge

Feb 2/3 - Westby

Feb 3 - Minneapolis

Feb 4 - Iola

Feb 11 - Blackhawk in Madison

Feb 17/18 - Coleraine

Feb 24 - Wisconsin Rapids

Ski Jumping Program Coach

Nathan Mattoon

(715) 579-7186

Coach Nate is a former US Ski Team member and previously coached the Eau Claire Flying Eagles. Feel free to reach out with any ski jumping questions?

Ski Jumping Program Coordinator

Katie Stenglein


Please e-mail Katie if you're interested in scheduling time to learn more about the sport, and hopefully give it a try.